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Our API is live on mainnet!
We have developed the first version of the API on the mainnet to start learning from community feedback.
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What makes us different as a B2B Relayer
Our product

Decentralized Exchanging

ERC20 token exchange based on the 0x protocol.

Made for dApps

Amadeus was designed thinking on dApps that need different kinds of ERC20 tokens to provide their services.

Amadeus Liquidity Pool

A liquidity pool to ensure instant token exchange.

Reliable API

With solid foundations, Amadeus' API provides reliable services to your dApp.

Lower Fees

Through the benefits of decentralization, Amadeus grants lower fees compared to traditional exchanges.

Our Roadmap

2018 Quarter 1

Launch of Amadeus API Beta Version

2018 Quarter 3

Expansion of Amadeus Liquidity pool to support additional tokens

Amadeus Roadmap Timeline

2017 Quarter 4

Launch of Amadeus API Alpha Version

2018 Quarter 2

Launch of Amadeus API on the mainnet
Establishment of Amadeus Liquidity pool

2018 Quarter 4

Launch of Amadeus Portal to the end user

Our team

We are blockchain enthusiasts who believe that decentralized exchange is essential to the future of the ecosystem.

João Barbosa - Strategy Manager

João Barbosa


Rafael Ferreira - Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Rafael Ferreira


André Mayer - Co-Founder and Senior Software Engineer

André Mayer


Fábio Cesso - Lead Software Engineer

Fábio Cesso

Product Owner

Eduardo Lima - Co-Founder and Head API Developer

Eduardo Lima

Lead Ethereum Engineer

Mariana Nunes - Senior Front-end Engineer

Mariana Nunes

Senior Software Architect

Fernanda Vieira - Senior Software Engineer

Fernanda Vieira

Senior DevOps Engineer

Talita Costa - Business and Communication Manager

Talita Costa

Head of Communication and Strategy

Yasmim Fonseca - CX Designer

Yasmim Fonseca

CX Designer

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